What: Dinner at Grill 73. Here is the website: http://www.grill73.com/ 

           Movie: Bell Witch. And again the website: www.bellwitchmovie.com

When: Dinner at 5:30

           Movie at 7:30

Where: It all happens in Newport

Why: It's fun. Here is a description of the movie: 

“With a proliferation of ‘slasher’ films filled with sex, violence and

vulgar language, it’s becoming harder than ever to find movies that are

appropriate for families while still providing suspense and fright,”

says director S. Shane Marr. “We wanted to make a movie that told the

terrifying and true story of the Bell Witch but still remained

appropriate for the widest variety of viewers.” 

Come for just the dinner or the movie. 

More questions? Call pastor.