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Feb 18th- Jesus is Our Great High Priest - Hebrews 1:1-3

Feb 25th - Jesus is Our Perfect High Priest - Hebrews 5:7-9

March 4th - Jesus is Our Compassionate High Priest - Hebrews 4:14-16

March 11th - Jesus is Our Self-Sacrificing High Priest - Hebrews 10:5-12

March 18th - Jesus Our Great High Priest Serves at a Great Altar - Hebrews 13:10-16




You can go and see all of it fully restored. Garments and instruments and furniture that seem like they are from another world all set aside and waiting. The Temple Institute in Jerusalem has, at great cost, recreated everything needed to begin regular temple worship in Jerusalem as soon as the next high priest is appointed.

Of course that isn’t going to happen.

People have poured their hearts and souls into finding a high priest. Some do it through recreating expensive priestly garments like the Temple Institute in Jerusalem. Others aren’t as flashy but are trying to create a new priesthood just the same. They hope that through some series of good deeds, right prayers, altar calls, or any number of other things that they are being made right with God.

We are all searching for a high priest – someone who will make us right with God.

The Good News is that we already have that person who has made us right with God. We have a Great High Priest in Jesus Christ.

We hope you can join us during this Lenten season as we prepare our hearts and minds for Jesus cross and resurrection by focusing our attention on the work of Jesus the Christ. In this new sermon series on the book of Hebrews we will see that Jesus is truly our Great High Priest who has made us right with God.

We hope you can join us.