Member communion

Building Unity, Then Expressing It

Because there is one bread, we who are many are one body, for we all partake of the one bread. 1 Corinthians 10:17

Division among the church is a sad and terrible thing that has happened in Christianity. Unfortunately, it has been around since the earliest days of the Christian church. The apostle John writes in his second letter that there were some who were not “bringing the same teaching.” Paul warns in the final chapter of his letter to the Romans that we are to “watch out for those who cause divisions.”

Since the time of the apostles and the early church the divisions have only gotten worse. There are divisions today about the definitions of marriage and baptism. There are divisions about whether the entire Bible is true or whether life begins at conception.

These divisions should cause every Christian to pray and work toward unity of truth.

Because Living Promise is a church that believes God’s Word is capable of revealing specific and necessary truth, we are a church that wants to work toward this unity of truth using only God’s Word.

It is also the reason we practice member communion.

We believe communion should follow as an expression of true unity. We also believe where unity does not exist, communion should not be practiced.

If you are someone who either personally or, if you belong to a church that has an honest division with our church, we would love to build a unity with you based on God’s Word. However, we would ask you to refrain from communing with us until that division is healed. We believe that expressing unity before it is actually achieved is not healthy for any individuals or the entire church. Rather we believe the Bible teaches us to build unity, then express it.

It is worth saying that we are thankful for the grace of God that extends beyond our divisions. We know that even if we do not repair them on earth “all who call upon the Lord will be saved” and by God’s mercy, he will repair our divides in heaven.

We know many of the things that divide the church today are big. Issues like marriage and what constitutes life have strong feelings attached to them and the divide is great. We know that issues like baptism have divided the church since 1607 when John Smyth first challenged the church’s teachings on Baptism. We know that believing the Bible is without errors is not very popular today. Despite these challenges, we are confident that God’s Word is powerful and can unite us around the one who calls himself the truth.

In this way we pray both for unity and an opportunity to study God’s truth with you. We have many opportunities, formal and informal, to do this. Ask about taking one of our Built on the Rock classes or even letting Pastor buy you a cup of coffee some time. We would love to heal any divisions in the church by hearing the voice of the one who calls all men to himself, Jesus Christ, our Savior,

In his name,

Pastor Matt Westra