Week 1 – October 16tH – God Still Speaks (Scripture Alone)

This week we see that God’s Word—and God’s Word alone—takes precedent over all others and sets principles like none other. 500 years ago, the main source for spiritual authority was hidden behind clerical authority and man-made tradition. Priests and monasteries had a monopoly. Today, God’s Word is more accessible than ever been before. Yet it is attacked by whatever is culturally current and socially attractive, if given a second look at all. And yet, half a millennium later the truth still brings calming answers like nothing else can. Still.

Week 2 – October 22ND - GOD STILL GIVES (Grace Alone)

This week we see that God did what we never could, namely, give us life that lasts and eternal worth. 500 years ago, people banked on the false hope that God would give a little help and you had to do the rest. Today, work righteousness is seen in mantras like, “God helps those who help themselves” or modicums like “All you got to do is…” If true, how could you ever know if you have done enough? We can’t. Thus, half a millennium later we still see and hear that God saves by grace alone. Still.

Week 3 – October 29th - GOD STILL WORKS  (Faith Alone)

This week we see that God’s grace accomplished our salvation in Christ, and Christ alone. 500 years ago, people traded grace for self-validation. Today, the same self-help theology is seen in those who, if they admit a need for a Savior, only want part of him. However, where Jesus doesn’t work completely, there can be no certainty. Thus, half a millennium later, the Savior who literally calmed the seas at one time, still calms hearts for all time. Still.

Week 4 – NOVEMBER 5TH - GOD STILL SAVES  (Christ Alone)

This week we learn that God’s eternal gifts become ours through a connecting agent called faith. Trust in Jesus connects us to all that he has done. 500 years ago, people put their trust in people (live and dead), tradition, and anyone or anything that could assuage their fear. Today, the pendulum has swung in the opposite direction, as many teach and believe that belief in God makes no difference at all. Still half a millennium later, the truth lies in the middle: trust in Jesus Christ connects us to all that he has done for us. Still.